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Need a revolutionary blower for your commercial inflatables? Look no further! Zoom Blowers offers the highest quality air blowers and air movers for all your party inflatables. We have a large selection of bounce house blowers, air dancer blowers, inflatable water slide blowers and more. Whether you're in need of an industrial air blower or high quality commercial blowers, we have it all!

Our Zoom Blowers are the next-step in constant air blower engineering and have features that can't be found on any other inflatable air blowers for sale. Our Zoom MAX air blowers have a rotational mold housing that's thicker and more environmentally friendly than your traditional standard blowers. They're also more durable to both physical and UV sun damage than a standard blower from most other air mover manufacturers. We've created our MAX blowers with one thing in mind -- to create the ultimate bounce house blower. We've also added material in high-stress areas, making them more impact-resistant than any other commercial inflatable blower on the market!

Still not convinced? Have questions about which air blower is best for your bounce house or inflatable? Speak to a dedicated Zoom Blowers specialist today and we'll be glad to answer all of your air blower questions! Call us at 1-888-255-2648 or visit our Contact Us page and send us an email!